Continuous dosing and mixing




Compact and versatile, the MDC series continuous doser-mixer is required for precise, homogeneous and consistent dosing and mixing of liquid and solid ingredients. All parts that come into contact with the product are easily disassembled, removable and sanitised, ensuring the best process quality. The belt conveyor of the mixed product allows
a more streamlined format change and a considerable reduction in cleaning time.
The MDC series continuous doser-mixer enables the handling of small quantities of mixture and quick recipe changes. Recipes can be set and stored on the touch-screen operator panel and their management, and the correct dosage of the ingredients, are controlled via PLC, which also manages all the other parameters, such as the tank temperature, the mixer’s speed and the direction of rotation, the product level, etc.
In the preparation of semi-finished products, packaged in containers of different sizes, the MDC series continuous doser-mixer comes complete with an electronic dosing and weighing device.


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