Continuous melting blocks of cocoa mass and chocolate, blocks of fats, anhydrous and hydrated butter in a single plant and in a small space









The innovative design of the FCD series continuous melter allows blocks of cocoa and chocolate mass, blocks of fat, anhydrous butter and hydrated fat (vegetable fat, dairy butter, etc.) to be processed in a single plant and is intended for the confectionery, dairy and food industries.
It is equipped with a special innovative system that guarantees high productivity, reduced energy costs and a saving in labour. The thermal exchange is highly efficient thanks to the mechanical work performed by hot rotors, which carry out a scraping action on the surface of the blocks.
The blocks to be processed are positioned on the cadence belt by the operator either manually or with automatic devices and are continuously conveyed to the feed unit of the loading mouth and conveyed to the heated and thinly spiralled removal and melting rotors. It acts as a scraper and constantly creates a new area to melt in contact with the hot part.
The melting chamber is equipped with an innovative radar device, which constantly measures and manages the level of liquid product inside of the melting room: it allows the complete melting of the solid residues after being passed under the rotors.
The same device also controls the outflow of the product, which, via the outlet located at the lowest part of the chamber, is continuously drawn in and sent to the production processes downstream.
The new FCD Melter can be equipped with automatic devices to completely empty the melting tank and the flow pipes, if you need to change the product.
The melting cycle is considerably reduced without a need for excessively high temperatures, which allows a preservation of the properties of the raw material.


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