Fast conching for chocolate







Specially designed to meet the needs of the modern chocolate industry, which processes fine quality paste while respecting traditional production processes, the CV SERIES quick conches, apply fluid conching technology.
The salient features are represented by the machine body, in which rotates a single shaft with specially designed reels to ensure an intensive mixing, and by the cooling tower that allows the quick removal of unwanted volatile substances thanks to the recirculation system in the tower, where the chocolate is distributed over the surface and descends in a thin layer, while an ascending air current facilitates evaporation.
The two units (tower and tank) are thermostatically controlled with water circulation from separate sources, with the possibility of setting different treatment temperatures to ensure the process runs smoothly.
The ability to operate on a liquid mass, without relying on excessive motor power, and the efficient evaporation of the volatile substances, allow for a radical reduction in the processing time and in energy consumption, that result in a reduction of the production costs, respecting and fully responding to the required organoleptic characteristics.
The parameters affecting the process are carefully controlled and managed by the PLC according to the type of chocolate and the final quality characteristics to be obtained.


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