Tecno3 solutions for ice cream production processes

The processing of ice cream begins with the mixing of the ingredients and the production of a paste that is homogenised so that it is smooth and creamy.
TECNO3 technology in the ice cream production process allows for: dosing and mixing liquid and solid ingredients and products with inclusions, melting raw materials, grinding and refining chocolate, compounds and creams.
What are the advantages of TECNO3 solutions in the ice cream production process?
– Guarantee a reduction in production costs
– Enable an accurate, precise, constant and homogeneous dosing of ingredients
– Ensure high productivity
– Allow quick recipe changes
– Keep production parameters constant
– Ensure correct particle size distribution in the final product
– Allow handling wide dedicated recipes
– Ensure simultaneous dosing of liquid, solid and powder ingredients
– The continuous process preserves and enhances the organoleptic qualities of the raw material
– The entire production process minimises the risk of product contamination with the outside world
With the TECNO3 continuous dosing-mixing you can characterise ice cream with the desired flavour and colour profile.
The TECNO3 melting cycle guarantees a low-temperature melt respecting the quality characteristics of the raw material, while maintaining high productivity even in small spaces.
The TECNO3 continuous grinding and refining plant is specially designed to grind and refine chocolate, compounds and creams in a single step.