Single shaft vertical mixers

TECNO 3 proposes MV1 series single-shaft vertical mixers to companies operating in the chocolate, confectionary and ice-cream sectors for the production of fat-based creams and semi-finished products. 
The cylindrical tank is equipped with a vertical agitator which, thanks to the special design, ensures perfect mixing of the liquid and solid ingredients. 
Heating is obtained by the circulation of water in the cavity, the desired temperature being regulated by a thermostat. Its perfect insulation prevents heat from being dispersed into the surrounding environment.
The upper part of the tank is closed with a safety protection that can be lifted electrically.
A designated opening in the protection allows loading the ingredients, with the option of keeping the agitator moving in complete safety.
The tank temperature, the agitator rotation speed and the mixing duration can be programmed on the touch-screen operator panel, positioned on the machine electrical panel. It is all controlled and managed by PLC.
The product discharge, when homogeneous, takes place through the opening on the bottom, controlled by a specific valve.
The agitator scrapes the lateral surface and the bottom, ensuring complete emptying of the tank. 
The vertical mixer is entirely made with AISI 304 steel.