Discover how the new graining machine can revolutionize your production

Innovative, versatile, intuitive.
We are talking about the “GFS”.
The new graining machine for nuts, the latest gem in the house of Tecno3.

A real quantum leap in the processing of nuts and nougat grains.

Have you always wanted to process roasted nuts and nougat into perfect grains, without interruptions or complicated cleaning procedures?

Our latest innovation is designed specifically thinking of you.

Innovation and collaboration: the graining machine is born with you

The new graining machine is the result of 4 months of intensive technical development, a record-breaking time that demonstrates Tecno3‘s commitment to constant innovation. Thanks to direct collaboration with you, our customers and partners, we have identified and implemented significant improvements, exceeding expectations and offering a unique solution on the market.

The secret of its strength:freedom of movement
• Total disassembly: for quick cleaning without the need of tools, ensuring operability and independence from internal maintenance.
• Prevention of oxidation: we maintain the freshness of the nuts, avoiding the rancidity process, thanks to the very quick and easy disassembly of parts in contact with the product for cleaning the system and removing processing residues.
• Modular configuration: for optimal placement in the industrial layout, with moving parts for easy maintenance.

Want to go from nuts to almonds? Easy, just say “GFS”.

The easy format change allows for versatile production that can be adapted to your every need.

To the future. Testing to believe.

Our vision at Tecno3 is driven by the constant pursuit of improvement and the combining of forces within the team. This spirit of collaboration extends to you, our partners, with whom we want to share every success.

We have invested in a recently renovated and extended test area for this very reason: to explore the potential of each system together. Here you will have the opportunity to test specific recipes, realise projects, and talk to technicians at your disposal.

Curious to know how the “GFS” can revolutionize the way you operate?

Do you have ideas to discuss or simply want a technical discussion with someone who shares your passion for innovation? Contact us.

Collaboration is the key to turn ideas into reality.

Transform your ideas into reality!