Tecno 3 designs and manufactures food powder batching and mixing systems featuring advanced technology and meticulous, precise, and accurate construction, which guarantee the best results in terms of quality, hygiene, and safety.Fully made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the Tecno 3 systems have mirror-polished internal surfaces to allow the product to flow easily, avoiding any residue. The external finishes are perfectly smooth to facilitate cleaning. They comply with ISO and ATEX standards.The production flow consists of the following steps: storage of the most important raw materials in the silos (internal and external), their pneumatic conveying under pressure/negative pressure, management of the secondary ones in big bags or bags, and treatment of the components used in micro-quantities. These steps are followed by batch or continuous mixing, storage of the mixtures and transfer to the packaging line.Tecno 3 provides complete turnkey lines that meet the most diverse production requirements. The electronic and mechanical solutions applied are the most innovative in terms of automation and consider the need of frequent change of production, thereby avoiding contamination problems.