Nut Processing System

TECNO 3 Nut Processing System is acomplete line that foresees the cleaning of the product from any foreignbodies, drying and/or roasting, peeling (where necessary) and feeding it  to a later stage, such as whole fruit, choppingor refining to get the paste.

The cleaning unit makes it possibleto remove all parts with a specific weight higher or lower than the nut to beprocessed, dust, ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The perfectly clean fruit isautomatically transferred to the drying and/or roasting unit for the specificapplication.  The machine can beconfigured according to the process to be carried out and the requiredproductivity.

The process occurs in a continuousmode, with the possibility of varying processing parameters and technology. Thismakes it possible to get a product with excellent structural features,guaranteeing a longer shelf-life and preventing oxidation phenomena.

In certain cases dried or roasted nutcan be peeled before undergoing the subsequent step, by means of a unit specificallyconceived to remove the peel without affecting the product surface. It ispossible to match the machine with the scraps separation device, in order toselect only the whole fruit.

Thanks to suitable cyclone separatorsconnected to the various suction units, the dust contained in the sucked air isremoved, in order to be ejected into the external environment withoutpollutants.

The line is managed by PLC and worksin a continuous and autonomous mode according to specific recipes andparameters set on the basis of the kind of nut to be processed.

The complete lay-out is tailored tothe customers’ needs, from the product loading area to the outlet.