LMR, discover all the advantages of a robotic moulding line

Tecno 3 presents LMR: a new game changer for the chocolate industry

An incredible innovation in the field of automation and robotics, a strategic investment for companies wishing to remain competitive and innovate in a highly challenging sector such as the chocolate industry.

Tecno3’s official patent.

You know the complicated moulding lines with mechanics, synchronisms and chains that are bulky and difficult to clean?
Forget them.

LMR replaced the mechanics and synchronisms with three highly efficient ABB robots.

This means that tempered chocolate is:
• dosed into a mould and then moved by a robot;
• cooled in a cooling cabinet and then moved by a robot;
• demoulded, again moved by a robot, in order to wrap the delicious tablet.
Basically, an automated process, all driven by robots!

Take off the chains.
More freedom.

Here are all the advantages:

• Easy to clean: LMR is extremely easy to clean, which means more time and resources for your production.
• Reduced maintenance: reduce downtime and increase productivity.
• Space reduction: thanks to advanced automation the size is greatly reduced, freeing up valuable space in your production facility.
• Simplicity of use: LMR is designed thinking of the user, ensuring easy and quick operation by operators.
• Optimised overall efficiency: LMR outperforms a traditional chain moulding line in efficiency, speeding up workflow and ensuring better production.

If we have arrived at such a result, it is thanks to:
• to customer feedback and requests, which are always an incentive to continue innovating;
• to the experience gained in the field of robotics, which allowed us to refine our intuitions and develop ambitious projects.

But we don’t stop here.
We look forward to the future with enthusiasm, with several projects currently under development. We look forward to sharing details soon.

A question for you from Tecno3:

Do you have specific projects or challenges in chocolate production that you would like to discuss with us?
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A more efficient, productive and innovative future awaits you with Tecno3.