Innovation must be tried. We introduce you to our TESTING area

Our solutions, constantly updated, at your complete disposal to test, innovate, produce.

Here are some of the magic you can do with us in the test area:
• See innovative machinery in action directly on your raw materials;
• Confirm the feasibility of your project and find the solutions that make a difference on your product;
• Meet with a team of specialists to explore every aspect in depth.

How does it work?
Book your visit.
Prepare and ship your ingredients.
Depending on the amount to be tested and the complexity of the project we reserve your space in the testing area for a few hours to several days.

From theory to practice.
We are ready, with our experience, to follow you during all stages of the production process, finding together the solutions that make the difference for your result.

The benefits?
Realistic testing of your specific ingredients and products allows you to understand the benefits TECNO3 solutions will have within your company.

This means more certainty, more accurate predictions, and tailored solutions.

On-the-road testing area:
If you can’t come to TECNO3 , we come to you.

We can move the test area directly to your company. TECNO3 is organized to ship equipment and start testing even remotely.
This way you can evaluate the solutions and your production process under optimal and even more realistic conditions.

INTERPACK: another important testing opportunity

In May we will be present at Interpack together with a large technical team at the disposal of every visitor.

Let the show begin
Innovation cannot just be explained.
It has to be tried