The taste revolution: the new standard in cocoa processing with Tecno3

The new frontier in cocoa processing
A technological revolution that changes
the way cocoa is treated and processed.

Tecno3 presents:
the innovative production line that improves efficiency, optimises production and, most importantly, the quality of the finished product.

Accurate control.
The production line for cocoa processing runs the entire production cycle, from start to finish.
From bean cleaning to grain refining, roasting and alkalinisation, ensuring complete control over every step of the process.

Harmony of flavours first.
What really distinguishes this line is its ability to preserve and enhance the organoleptic qualities of the various types of cocoa, especially the aromatic ones.

Innovation and safety.
Innovative technology minimises product contact with the surrounding environment, ensuring a low bacterial contamination threshold and maximum food safety.

An ever smarter future for cocoa processing.

Technological innovation goes beyond plants.
We are designing a future in which the interaction between operator and machine will be increasingly intuitive and ‘smart’. Operators will be able to easily manage actions that influence machines while maintaining high levels of safety.
It will be a step towards a more efficient and productive operator-machine relationship.

Competitiveness at international level.

Tecno3’s strength is based on an in-depth knowledge of production processes and continuous research into new technologies. This allows us to compete successfully in the most important international markets.
We currently export to 5 continents and 30 countries around the world, and our goal is to continue to develop advanced technologies for the confectionery industry.

The future of cocoa processing is here,
and it is led by Tecno3.

If you have specific projects or challenges you would like to discuss with us, we are ready to listen to you and work with you to find tailor-made innovative solutions.

The future together is more efficient, productive and innovative.