Interpack 2023, a memorable experience

We conquered Interpack 2023 together.

And it was incredible.

• 8 days of expo dedicated to the advancement of continuous melting
• More than 300 interested visitors from all over the world
• 1 common goal: to increase the success of each present company

An adventure that excited, inspired and recharged us.

Let’s do a quick recap
We presented and unveiled all the features of the new continuous melter. THE FCD. The first melter capable of processing two families of products in one plant, including the fat, cocoa and chocolate, butter and dairy product families.

But that’s not all
Comparing with each of you, talking about each specific situation, we had the opportunity to explore other possible collaborations and projects.
It was a real pleasure to see our consolidated clients again, to get to know new ones, and to share our passion for innovation with all of you.

8 intense days in which we also reflected on our journey.
In recent years, TECNO3 has achieved remarkable growth, and it is a recognition that we have received not only from our esteemed customers, but also from the realities with which collaboration has not yet been established.
What has made us a constantly evolving company is the mission we have set out for ourselves from the very beginning: to strive for excellence while respecting, first and foremost, the organoleptic qualities of the products.

Great demands make us grow.

Moved by your needs, we are always ready to design new solutions. We pride ourselves on having demonstrated our ability to meet challenges and adapt to the changing needs of the industry.
And this time, too, we have realized one thing.

Together, we can get anywhere. 

This success would not have been possible without the support and trust of our customers and partners.
We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you and for sharing this path.

We return home with an invaluable profit

Your warm welcome, valuable feedback and many insights to work on.
We continue to grow together, maintaining our commitment to innovation and valuable partnerships.

Thank you again for your continuous support and for helping to make Interpack 2023 a collective success.

And a special thanks to all the staff in attendance, but also to those who worked hard behind the scenes.
A team of collaborators that we consider our greatest value.

Are we always on the move?
That’s right.
Our dedication to progress never stops.
If you would like to stay updated on our upcoming developments, please contact us to receive all the information you need.

An important reminder

If you were not able to attend Interpack or if you were present but would like to learn more, we invite you to visit us at the TEST AREA. Here, you will have the opportunity to test our systems on your products, whether they are already existing or still under study. Our team of engineers will be happy to work with you to find the best solutions to your needs.

We can’t wait to meet you!


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