Innovation in action!

We revolutionise the production of creams
with an innovative approach

Tecno3 presents “The Power of Neutral Base”
A new chapter in the art of cream production.

Imagine a generic, balanced white cream that keeps the production line clean and allows you to create any recipe you want.
Yes, it’s possible!

The Neutral Base – a blank sheet for creativity.
A blank canvas ready to capture your masterpieces.
The “Neutral Base“ is exactly that: a uniform, flawless beginning waiting to be transformed into an extraordinary creation.

One line, infinite flavours
Thanks to the Neutral Base, it is possible to introduce a single production line in the company, which will facilitate the flow and reduce space requirements.

The advantages briefly?
Less interruptions, maximum cleanliness and more productivity.

And also:
• Reduction operating time
• Optimised the operational efficiency
• Maximum customisation of recipes
• Maintenance of high quality standards
• Greater adaptability to market requirements thanks to system flexibility

Not to mention waste reduction:

With less equipment to dismantle and clean there is less waste of energy, time and raw materials.

Targeted and effective cleaning also means that the risk of contamination is greatly reduced, ensuring maximum product quality.

The icing on the cake?

If you want to add a special, secret ingredient, such as perhaps a protein, you can do this at the end of the process, with the last stir!

Join the revolution.

Get ready to experience the production of the future. We are ready to guide you into a new world of possibilities.

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Tell us about your projects and recipes.
Propose new confectionery challenges to us and we will be happy to develop them.

From theory to practice.
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