Hazelnut Peeler

Thanks to the TECNO 3 peelers mod. DF, thin hazelnut skin coming off after the roasting process is easily removed. These peelers are generally installed after the roasters, from which they receive the product directly and in a continuous mode.
They can be composed of one or more treatment units, depending on the quantity of hazelnuts to be processed. 
Each single unit is made of a steel cylinder, whose inner walls are coated by a suitable plastic material, and a rotating brush; this latter, by creating a homogeneous friction on the moving hazelnut, causes the removal of the not perfectly adherent film, without altering the surface of the nut.
Peel is sucked up through special nozzles and sent to a cyclone separator, that allows its recovery and re-injection of air into the environment, without pollutants. 
The machine can be quickly disassembled by hand without use of any tools. This system facilitates brush replacement, when changing hazelnut size, and makes sanitising easier.
Afterwards hazelnuts are either sent for further processing or stored in the appropriate containers. If you only want to have the whole fruit, it is possible to treat the output product with the TECNO 3 sorter mod. SC, which perfectly separates the scrap that can be used in the preparation of paste.
The bristles and all plastic parts and food grade certified. Moreover, they are in blue colour for an easy visual identification, in the event of partial detachment or breakage, and can be detected by metal detectors to prevent any contamination by foreign substances.
TECNO 3 peelers mod.  DF are compact in size and can be also used for other kind of nuts that need to be peeled after drying or roasting.


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