GULFOOD, Dubai 7-9 november 2016

We are pleased to inform you that TECNO 3 will exhibit at the Gulfood Manufacturing Show (Stand Z2-F92) that will take place in Dubai, at the WORLD TRADE CENTER, from the 07th untill the 09th NOVEMBER 2016.
“Gulfood Manufacturing” is the most influential and important show throughout the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia (MEASA) region, dedicated to the food processing equipment, where the confectionery sector is certainly playing a prominent role.
TECNO 3 is pleased to welcome you at its booth, where its qualified staff will show you the various production lines and cutting-edge processing technologies.
Chocolate  Production
The process starts from the cocoa beans, that undergo cleaning, debacterizing and continuous roasting.
Afterwards the cocoa beans pass into the winnover, where the shell is removed and they become nibs. The next step is the nibs refining in a continuous 3-stage refining plant, to get the cocoa liquor.
Chocolate preparation begins with the continuous ingredients dosage and mixing, to go ahead with the refining in a new concept 3-stage plant that allows reaching the desired particle size distribution with viscosity and shear rate parameters comparable to those of the traditional system.
The conching method choosen by TECNO 3 is the liquid one, that is carried out in a particularly innovative plant, thus enabling an accurate temperature control in all parts of the mass during the whole process, within a reasonably reduced timeframe.
Nut Processing
By adopting particular arrangements, the line can be used to process various types of nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, etc.
In general the process begins with the cleaning to remove all foreign bodies; then the product is dried and roasted in a suitable continuous roaster. Thanks to the technology used, the whole nut has a long shelf-life and a reduced oil oxidation.
When necessary, the use of the peeling plant ensures the complete removal of the peel without damaging the product surface.
If the process foresees the paste production, roasted nuts are refined in a continuous and automatic 3-stage plant, to achieve the desired fineness under a strict temperature control.
Lipid base cream preparation
TECNO 3 offers various cream production lines with different degrees of automation, according to the customers’ needs.
The fully automatic plant foresees the continuous ingredients doser-mixer, that feeds directly the 3-stage refining unit, where a strict temperature control is applied.
After having been refined at the required fineness, the cream is transferred to the storage tanks for further processing.
Complementary Equipment
A great variety of TECNO 3 plants and lines can be integrated into the production processes of the confectionery industry, such as, for instance:
 the continuous melter for blocks of fat and lipid base substances (cocoa mass, chocolate, compounds etc.), that is unique in its kind: it is equipped with a particularly innovative system, that ensures high productivity, energy and labour saving. The melting cycle is considerably reduced without applying too high temperatures, thus keeping the quality features of the raw materials unaltered.
 the “cut products”  line, for the “Cremino” chocolate (made up of different layers of chocolate or compounds) and bars filled with nuts (hazelnuts, almonds etc….). Chocolate is deposited in a continuous mode onto a feeding belt equipped with side guards. Each layer corresponds to a compartment equipped with pre-heater, depositor, levelling device and cooling tunnel.  In the case of bar production, nuts are added within an intermediate area of the line. After final cooling, the product is horizontally and vertically cut, by means of a particularly conceived system that ensures precision in product size; afterwards the product is directly fed to the packaging machines. 
– Multifunctional robotic operator, movable robotic station to perform various operations by simply changing the software. The cutting edge column structure on wheels can be moved to the various work positions. The connections with the machines or the interlocked lines are very quick, as they are carried out by industrial modular connectors. The station is equipped with a multicamera vision system, to detect the product at input – output. 
Moreover, we would like to remind you that TECNO 3 offers its customers and all companies operating in the food industry, in particular that of confectionery, its technological laboratory where several pilot plants are installed, that recreate the main production processes designed, developed and realized by the company.