Collaborativ robotic operator

The Tecno 3 ORC station is based on the YuMi collaborative robot by ABB which, thanks to a new design philosophy, allows humans and machines to work side-by-side. This is possible thanks to the “intrinsically safe” system design, which makes perimeter guards no longer necessary.
The ORC station is designed to meet the growing automation demand for assembling and packaging small batches of small-sized products, especially when the movements requested are complex and require controlling the exerted force.
The servo-controlled grippers and built-in cameras allow the robots to adapt to different power supply conditions and to perform quality control functions at the same time.
The dual arm can manipulate objects very similar to a human arm, while the small size of the station makes it suitable to occupy positions already provided for one person.
Connectivity with the outside world is guaranteed by a complete set of communication interfaces that fit it naturally into the Industria 4.0 development model.


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