Cocoa winnowing systems

For cocoa bean winnowing, TECNO 3 offers the FRC-system, which grants an excellent separation between nibs and husk. The distinctive features are the compact structure, the possibility of inspecting all the parts where the process takes place and the easy cleaning and sanitation.
Beans are crushed by passing through a pair of rollers, which, due to their particular configuration, guarantee a regular size and minimise the formation of fine particles.
Cocoa nibs fall onto a sifter with sections of increasing mesh size in the feeding direction and move forward thanks to a horizontal oscillating vibration of the sieve itself. 
Crushed cocoa falls when it meets the mesh section larger than its own size. Largest fragments passing through the sieve with the maximum size, are brought back to the initial hopper by means of a worm screw, in order to undergo a new passage through the rollers.
Each section has a small lower collection hopper which conveys the sized particles into a labyrinth-like drop path. An upward air flow sucks the husk, which has a lower specific weight, and separates it from the nibs, which are collected and sent to the grinding system. Air suction flow is independent and adjustable in each section, in order to allow the best selection result.
The TECNO 3 winnowers mod. FRC are fully made of Aisi 304 stainless steel and controlled by a completely self-contained electrical system.  Moreover, they are available in different production capacities.


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